Cool Bike Accessories for your commuter

As a maker of Dutch bikes, we always come across cool bike accessories. Recently we've found some very nifty new accessories and we had to share them with you. Some are for utility and some are for fun, but all are quite unique and are complimentary for Dutch style bicycles.

Double-O Light Cool Bike Accessories

double 0 lights are cool bike accessories

The Double-O bike light is another one of our cool bike accessories from Paul Cocksedge, the man who brought you the Change the Record loudspeaker for smartphones. Designed to be the "most simple, safe and secure bike lights around",  the Double O blends utility with cool designer aesthetics. It features LED lights that are designed to be  super bright without blinding the oncoming traffic, and a hard-wearing, flexible strap that attaches to any part of your bike, bag or helmet.  Lights are magnetic which lets you clip them together and are virtually theft-proof if you thread them to your bike lock. They will look great on our Dutch style bikes.

double 0 lights on back of dutch bike

Paul said "As a cyclist myself, I know how crucial it is to see and be seen as clearly as possible. That's what the Double O's do".

Blaze Laserlight

blaze lazerlight

The Blaze Lazerlight is a cool light invention that "represents a huge advance in cycle safety". It features a powerful LED light, combined with a green laser that illuminates a bike symbol  onto the street in front of the cyclist. This makes the cyclist a lot more visibly to car, especially if the cyclist is in back of the car. This is very important since 79% of cycling incidents happen when drivers manoeuvre into the rider’s path. The Blaze Lazerlight is USB rechargeable, waterproof and fits 99% of handlebars. Sweet! You can buy your Lazerlight for £ 125. Also, be sure to check out the Burner, Blaze's take on making the "best back light on the road".

blaze lazerlight on bike

Bike Balls - That's right!

Bike Balls light accessory

The fine gents and ladies behind Bike Balls felt as many of us do..."vulnerable to distracted and neglectful drivers". They wanted to do something about it so they created something that would sure garner attention - a lit up scrotum sack complete with testes.

Just mount them to the back of your bike seat and you're off with more confidence. Bike Balls "naturally bob-around in the breeze as you pedal away".  To turn them on gently squeeze the Balls. Then squeeze again to switch between the solid/flashing modes. Gently squeeze again to turn the Bike Balls off. You can pick these up for $17. Enjoy the video below:)

FlyKly Smart Light

light bike accessories

The FlyKly Smart Light packs a lot of punch in one light.  It's a bicycle light, phone holder and charger that quickly attaches on your bicycles handlebars.  Also cool is while it holds your phone in sight, you can easily follow your riding stats and other info with Smart App. The light charges in 30 minutes and has a 4 hour burn time.

coo bike light

Mini Hornet Bike Horn


mini hornet bike light

The Mini Hornet Bike Light is an awesome lights and sound effects accessory for kids bikes and scooters. I also think some adults would fancy it as well! The Hornet, comes with 25 sounds and white and green lights, It also features wings that clip on to fit all bikes and scooters. You can buy this light for £ 14.

Monkey Light Pro - Bicycle Wheel Display System

Monkey Light Wheel Display

What's better then a stop sign that lights up in your spokes to keep drivers and other obstacles in the know? Maybe nothing. The Monkey Light Pro Bicycle Wheel Display System does just that. It displays images and animations on your bike wheel. The coolest part is that you get to download your own graphics and show them while you ride. The possibilities are endless. I'm thinking Oasis Album Covers. Don't ask. The Pro model sells for $995.

Monkey Light Pro


Revolight bike lights

Revolight originally launched in 2011 and has been revolutionizing bicycle safety ever since.  They make tail lights, head lights, and the 360 Degree package. These things are awesome and they give you the feel of some kind of a superhero riding through the night. The Headlight, Taillight and 360º Visibility package fits 700C Wheels and will run you $199.

Revolights 360 degrees

Zackees Turn Signal Gloves

zackees turn signal gloves

Zackees Turn Signal Gloves are great for the hardcore rider that rides on the street and needs to communicate turning intentions to cars and trucks. Zackess believe that the most visible bike light is the one you wear on your hand, so they're made these bright. These glove are machine washable, made from high quality textiles, and feature a rechargeable battery. You can buy a pair for $89.95.

Lumo Herne Hill Harrington Jacket

herne hill harrington jacket

The Lumo Hernie Hill Harrington Jacket is a cool jacket by itself and then with the added 14x 4 Lumen LED lights it's even cooler.  The Lumo Hernie has two settings including high energy pulse and low energy flash. It is USB rechargeable and features reflective trims on back pocket and cuffs for additional visibility. The Jacket runs £200. If you've got the extra scratch we suggest getting the Mens or Womens City bundle which comes comes with a matching backpack.

backpack with led lights

The Backpack by Visijax



cool visijax backpack


The Backpack by Visijax is an awesome waterproof biking backpack for those looking to increase their light presence at night.  Hi-vis fabric is covered by reflective strips which allows for visibility from every rear angle with six high intensity LEDs on the sides plus five on the rear.  Each backpack comes with a rechargeable USB battery that provides  up to 20 hours of continuous usage. You can buy this cool backpack for £49.99.

Every Dutch Bicyclist needs the Bern Melrose Helmet

cool bike accessories by bern

First reaction - what a cool looking bike helmet! Definitely one of our cool bike accessories! The Melrose features hip styling,  comfort and light weight design. Designed with 16 vents there is more than twice as much airflow than every other Bern helmet. It also features a performance liner with adjustable dial which allows for a customized fit with moisture control and is replaceable should one need to clean out the sweat rag.


Torch T2 Light Helmet


Torch Apparel focuses on the safety and style of cyclists. The Torch T2 Helmet with integrated lights is a sweet looking designer helmet with 10 integrated LED light to keep you visible and safe and night. It features rechargeable batteries (1.5 hrs with included USB cable), 4 different light functions including flash, battery level indicator, and up to 6 hours battery life on steady or 36 hours on flash,  and  shatter proof poly-carbonate lenses. Pick your favorite color ans pick one up for $139.99.

Torch-bicycle helmet with integrated lights

New Nordic Urban Bicycle & Skater Helmet

Here's a cool innovative version of your classic skater helmet from Danish company LINN which would fit well with a hip Dutch Bike getup.  The company is named HELwhich keeps you ‘hel’ or ‘complete’ and ‘unbroken’. They are currently on Kickstarter and you can check them out here.

DaHANGER Bike Rack

bicycle on DaHANGER Bike Rack

DaHÄNGER convenient bicycle storage

The DaHANGER, a bike shelf that is made out of super durable plastic, is the kind of thing you want in your flat or house when you're constantly on the go and you tend to grab your bike, like the diamond bike above, like you would any of your other necessities. You know, testicles, spectacles, wallet, and watch (thanks Mr. Powers). Or in this case Wallet, iPhone, your Dutch bike and keys. Or something of that sort. Our lightweight Peace Dreamer models can be hung on it. What's also cool is that it lets you keep a few other accessories inside its convenient inner area. You can store your helmet here, any of the items mentioned above and more.


Available in grey, black or granite white, the DaHANGER includes all the  hardware (and black felt pad for added protection) you need to prop it onto your wall easily. You can pre-order it now for a June 2016 delivery.

HOT TUB Paraffin Chain Lubricant

HOT TUB Paraffin Chain Lubricant

This paraffin bike chain lubricant is not as pretty as the above accessories, but it is super key for the rider that wants a smooth running Dutch bike.  Describing themselves as the easiest way to give your chain a full melted-paraffin wax lubrication treatment, the Runaway Bike boys bring you HOT TUB Paraffin Chain Lubricant.

Velo Magazine has even done head-to-head ratings of all the top chain lubricants on the market for the past two years running, and Melted paraffin wax treatments beat them all! This is the good stuff.

Trigger Bell is a Must Have Bike Accessory

trigger bell cool bike accessories

The trigger bell is "a safer bike bell" and quite an innovative take on the old "ring, ring". Unlike traditional style bike bells you can ping your Trigger Bell while you brake, turn and change gear. This way you're not searching for the bell as pedestrians come up in front of you.

trigger bell for bicycles

“Trigger Bell was literally a life-saver, being able to use my bell and hit hard on the brakes I was able to avoid an accident.” It will fit on anything from Dutch style bikes to racing bikes to foldable bikes and fixed gears to mountain bikes. Currently, you can pre-order it.

Allo Bike Mount for the music lover

Allo Bike Mount on handlebar

When you're riding your bike it's great to have a comfortable way to utilize it instead of reaching into your pocket all the time. The Allo all-in-one bike mount and speaker allows you a safe, convenient way to access your third arm without using earbuds or holding the phone with your hand which can be quite dangerous.

Bookman Stainless Steel Bicycle Handlebar Cup Holder

Bookman cup holder on handlebar

These Bookman stainless steel cup holders offer a new steel construction and easily attach to your bike's handlebar. This design is great because it never loses grip even even when riding over bumps & potholes and different sized rings can be flipped for small & medium cup sizes. Also, when you're done using it just squeeze the rings together for an easy disengage.

Bike Chalk Trail Kit

bike chalk trail kit attached to bike

If you've got a kid, or you're still a large kid yourself, this Bike Chalk Trail Kit will make each bike ride a work of art!  Simply snap on the adjustable chalk holder onto your bike's back wheel (chunky non-toxic, washable chalk pieces included)and you're good to go.

bike chalk drawing in cement

Little Lifter - Bicycle Frame Handle by Bespoke Leather Designs

man holding bike by leather strap

Carrying your bike around is an art, especially if you're riding a step through frame bike. This Little Lifter Bicycle Frame Handle by Bespoke Leather Designs helps make your life a little easier. It's made from vegetable-tanned leather and is finished with weatherproof dressing to keep you riding at all times. Available in honey, dark brown, natural, or black leather for $44. little lifter leather strap

Loud Mini Bike Horn by Loud Bicycle

loud mini car horn on a bike

Bikes are sharing the road with Cars more and more, so why don't they have horns? The fine people at Loud Bicycle have answered that question. They should.  The Loud Mini is their newest horn, is loud and sounds just like a car. It also features a USB-rechargeable battery that lasts 4 months (480 seconds of honking). You can pre-order this bike horn now.

Troja Bike - GPS protection for your bicycle

bicycle gps tracker

Bike theft is a big problem everywhere except in Japan, the hidden gem of honesty. Troja Bike's Bike GPS Tracker features a positioning system that can be neither turned off nor removed or destroyed by thieves. Here's how it works: The device is securely fixed inside the bicycle frame (seat tube) with a battery that runs up to a season and can be recharged at any time. If a thief takes your beloved bikey, you will know where to find it and them via cell phone app. In this situation we suggest calling the police and not getting Charles Bronson with it.

bicycle gps tracker on phone

Seatylock Saddle Cover

seatylock saddle lock

Fusing two very necessary bicycle elements, the Seatylock Saddle Cover is a bike saddle that easily turns into a solid one meter bicycle lock.  This clever saddle is has a universal adaptor that is fully compatible with any bike,  It comes in two version including the Seatylock Trekking & Seatylock Comfort saddles. You can pre-order it now.

seatylock saddle lock

Fix It Sticks -  Lightweight Bicycle Multi Tool.

 lightweight bicycle multi tool

Fix It Sticks are great when you're on the road and you need to tighten something or re-adjust something on your bike and you don't want to carry much with you. These extremely compact tools combine to provide a comfortable T-shape for leverage. For $29.99 this a great gift for any biking enthusiast.

dual T-handle tool

My Alibi Padded Bloomers

padded bicycle bloomers by my alibi

The My Alibi Brand knows how uncomfortable one's posterior gets even on the most comfortable saddle. These first of their kind padded bicycle shorts bring booty comfort under any outfit. Made in Italy of fine Italian Lycra and Premium Gel Insert chamois, they are perfect for biking on all sorts of bicycles. They currently have free shipping on orders over $100. Check em out. Your backside will thank you!

Electric Conversion Kits

GeoOrbital Wheel

geoorbital wheel cool bike accessories

When covering cool bike accessories you have to include something that pushed the biking market forward.  If you want easy electric conversion for your bike the GeoOrbital wheel is the ticket. The GeoOrbital wheel replaces any standard bicycle front wheel to turn your bike into an electric bike in a minutes time. What more could you ask for.

The GeoOrbital wheel will work on nearly every bicycle and has been tested on hundreds of bikes of all different styles from all different years and brands. It comes in 2 sizes to cover over 95% of all adult sized bicycles. These guys are on kickstarter right now  and are killing it!

FlyKly Smart Wheel

bike electric conversion

Also a kickstarter success story, the Smart Wheel by Flykly  fits on either single speed, multi gear or carbon belt drive bicycles. It's single speed (your multi gear will turn into a single speed bicycle), works with V brakes and comes with a motor regenerative brake technology. Also cool is how the motor brake helps you slow down, while it also recharges the battery.

Ride Air

rideair pump is a cool accessory

RideAir wants to make sure that you're never without air in your tires. Their RideAir capsule is there for you when you need to fill up the old rubbers, It can be easily refilled using any air-compressor in any gas station. Also, cool is that the capsule fits any bicycle bottle holder, and features an integrated metal cable lock to thwart  thieves. You can pre-order it here.


Taggio Pro Pump Head

Taggio Pro Pump Head

The Taggio Pro Pump Head works with Schrader or Presta tire valves and was designed to make filling up your tires carefree. I know from experience how difficult to use some pump heads are and this is a breath of fresh air. The Taggio was designed to be used with one hand and fits more floor pumps.  You can pick this one up for $29.98.


Speaking of bicycle storage, the Buca Boot is a functional, weatherproof storage trunk for your bike. This easy to install yet difficult to steal rear rack addition is quality built fits all standard bike racks and features beautiful styling. If you walk away from your bike no worries as you can lock it up. Are you in need of more space?  Side panniers are built in as well. You can pick one up for $225.

buca boot bicycle storage

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