Why we started

As avid casual bike riders, a bike idea was in the works…

We noticed that biking in the US was mostly marketed as a mens sport and the only fashion aspect was tight Lycra. Why would a stylish woman or man bike to yoga or to the gym or to the grocery store like they where going on a mountain bike trail or cycling competition, we asked. There had to be a bicycle brand that sold fashionable comfortable bicycles for active people.

We found the market either had really cheaply made bikes or really expensive boutique bikes to offer. We felt under-served!

So we needed to make a transition into quality, comfortable, and affordable commuters with a selection of beautiful colors that let you ride in speedy style and enjoy every moment of it (while looking fashionable). And off course any company we started had to give back which influenced the name.

We realized there was a niche in the market, and it was our calling to fulfill it.

And out of this conversation Peace Bicycles was born.