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Bike with Basket (a value combo)

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Any Dreamer bike with choice of basket(s).

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Product Description

Choose from the following baskets:

Nantucket Lightship Adult Oval Basket in the Natural color (1): bike with basket peterboro

Nantucket Pannier Basket with Hooks in Cruiser (2), Cisco (3), and Tuckernuck (4) colors:

A bike with basket package is great for those looking to add more carrying-ability to their bicycle adventures.

bike with basket nantucketFor those looking to bring food, a purse, a towel, keys, kids toys etc., a bike with basket is a must! Many people that call us ask about baskets, and would like to buy them together with a bike. For this reason a special value package had to be born. This package can be used with both our Dreamer Step Through Bike and Dreamer Diamond Frame Bike. Some of our packages include a bike with front basket while others include more than 1. We've assembled the most popular combinations to help you on your way.

Every weekend we, the founders of Peace Bicycles, ride around the beautiful landscapes of Los Angeles. Around the city and down the beach sidewalks. We always pack a bike with front and rear baskets if we're going to be out all day.

bike with basket Nantucket

bicycle with basket nantucket peace bicyclesThe rear pannier basket is an especially great option because it's easily detachable and comes with a handle. When we park our bikes for lunch, we take it with us. When we stop at the grocery store, it makes for a great reusable shopping pannier that we can take along.

When we stop by the street festival, our baskets take home the goodies we discover. When we go to the beach, each basket is full with a towel, blanket, bottle of water, book, sun screen, and our cell phones (more comfortable then having them in your pocket). There's just too much stuff to bring along.

basket with bicycle nantucket lightshipbike with pannier peace bicyclesTo get the real Dutch style look, a front basket is a must. Its utility is a life saver for everyday riding and commuting. A ladies bike with basket is every girls dream.

The curated items we've chosen to use as part of our bicycle with a basket combo are made by Nantucket - the finest brand in the industry. They are made from high quality durable materials. We love to use these ourselves!

Nantucket Lightship Adult Oval Basket

Made from finely woven rattan cane which is the outer skin of the natural rattan vine, the Nantucket Lightship Adult Oval Basket compliments our bike well. These baskets are replicas of the Nantucket Lightship baskets first produced in Nantucket during the whaling era of the 1800s. They attach easily to the front handlebars with two leather straps.


Dimensions: 14″ (L) x 10″ (W) x 8.5″ (H)
Maximum Weight Limit: 13 pounds

Cisco Pannier Basket w/ Hooks

Our favorite go anywhere basket, the Cisco Pannier Basket w/ Hooks is a versatile pannier which attaches without effort to your existing rear rack with two sturdy metal hooks. It includes a carrying handle so you can use it as a purse or grocery bag.


Dimensions: 13″ (L) x 9.5″ (W) x 13″ (H)
Maximum Weight Limit: 15 pounds

Additional Information

Weight 29.8 lbs

Black (diamond frame), Black (step thru frame), Cream, Seafoam

Front Basket

Nantucket Lightship in Natural Color, None

Rear Basket

None, One Nantucket Pannier in Cisco Color, One Nantucket Pannier in Cruiser Color, One Nantucket Pannier in Tuckernuck Color, Two Nantucket Panniers in Cisco Color, Two Nantucket Panniers in Cruiser Color, Two Nantucket Panniers in Tuckernuck Color

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Your bike will be shipped as we receive it from production in one of our 85% assembled boxes straight to your nearest bike shop/mechanic or to your home. With this option you will need to schedule an appointment with a reputable bike shop in your area and secure transport of the large bike box or assemble it yourself. (Bike Shops prefer a week’s heads up on average). Average bike shop assembly service cost are $65-$100. To make sure your have the safest possible biking experience, we only recommend assembly by professional bicycle mechanics.


“100% assembled to your door” for $139

FedEx Ground – 7-10 business days – Signature Required*

Your bike will be assembled to 100%, tuned, and delivered to your door.

The mechanic will then fit the bike for you as well:)


“Los Angeles area home delivery” is FREE

Delivered to your door – 3-7 business days

Your bike comes 100% assembled and tuned with wheels trued, brakes calibrated.

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Everywhere else

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    5 out of 5

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